quinta-feira, 15 de março de 2012

First post in English

 Hi , this is my first post in English :)
 My name is Melanie Martinez, I'm 18 years old, well I'm Brazilian,  from  São Paulo XD ( no, Rio isn't the only city in my coutry hahahaha) 
      Well what I can tell about myself? ............. ahhh  my mother tongue is Portuguese, however , I speak English and Spanish, I can understand Galician ( my father is Galician, so if I couldn't at least understand his mother tongue he would be extremely upset) and I'm currently learning Russian, 
 My hobbies are : drawing, writing/ reading , listening to music, playing vidiogames....... I was almost forgetting:  arabic dances, I've learned tradicional arabic dances for almost 3 years and, I absolutelly love it  <3  principally Dabke. Yes I know, I need more Hobbies ahsuahsuahsuhasu 
     I finished high school last year, and now I'm ( finally) in college doing "Social Ciences " ( I really don't know if this is the name of the curse outside Brazil, however, in my country we call it " Ciências Sociais" so I translate it literally to English), well I'm in love with my course, especially anthropology <3
      I've been into lolita since 2007, I was really young when I discovered japanise fashion and, it was love at first sight ^^  I've always loved historical dresses , especially the ones I saw in movies and soap operas. I remenber that, at the time I discovered Lolita, I was watching " Escrava Isaura" ( a great Brazilian soup opera, and book) in "Recod " ( this is the name of the channel) for the seccond time, and when I saw lolita I thought " It looks like Isaura's dresses, it's so beautiful, I wanna dress up like this girls" so after studyind a lot, I made my first outfit in 2009. 

 After I knew Lolita , I've been searching for knew japonese fashions like Gyaru, fairy kei , dolly kei, and some  western subcultures like goth, steampunk and neo victorian.

Just finishing, I have to say that I'm curently obsessed with Game of thrones, The TV series is so perfect, and the books are equally perfect <3

One picture of  one of" Escrave Isaura" characters 

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  1. Your english is terrible!!! Please go back to school honey

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  3. /\ That was mean, you know? It's not her mother language and I fucking doubt you would do any better if you had to write a text about yourself in portuguese, yet, you're so coward you couldn't even show your fucking face while criticizing her. You're just ridiculous, anon, grow the fuck up.